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Font and Swatch are specialists in Branding and Design for the Education Sector

Are you a University, School or Registered Training Organisation (RTO)? Do you provide education services?

Your brand is a very important asset. It communicates your identity to your students, teachers and the local community. Through your brand’s tone, colours and positioning, you establish your position as an education institute.


Font & Swatch is an Education Branding and Design Agency.

We work with educational brands and RTOs engaged in the provision of educational services of all levels across Australia and tailor our services to solve your unique challenges and requirements.


Font and Swatch are experts in Branding and Design

In education, how your audience perceives and responds to your brand is key to attracting your ideal student, teacher and cohort.

Everybody who attends a school or training organisation wants to be proud of that association. To be desirable and attract the best talent, it is important to develop an aspirational brand across all your visual and digital communication channels. The creative design team at Font and Swatch are experts at creating and applying educational brands that engage your audience and communicate your brand values.

Font and Swatch work across the entire education services sector at all levels, from Kindergarten branding solutions to tertiary education design services. We’ve recently worked with secondary schools and universities as a creative agency partner to design Annual Reports and School Prospectuses, design school Merchandise, prepare Education Collateral, redesign student websites, craft social media assets, and refresh their brand.


Visual Communication for educational institutions 

Working in Education, your brand is visible to many groups of people via many different platforms and across multiple forms of media.

No matter where people find you, your brand needs to be instantly recognisable by your unique combination of colours, fonts and imagery. Achieving consistency across those platforms over time requires a clear brand strategy and experience in all aspects of branding and graphic design. Font & Swatch are your branding and design partners who will ensure the appropriate Brand Governance and Art direction is applied to your visual communication assets.



Font and Swatch design education institution branded materials

We are a full-service agency supporting our clients from concept to design, production, print and installation. We provide specialist creative support to Schools and Universities to design and produce:

• Microsoft Office Templates
• Education Syllabus
• Program Templates
• School Flyers
• Banners and Media Walls
• Presentation Packs
• Building Signage
• School value statements, and
• Educational installations.


Font & Swatch Design Annual Reports and Yearbooks for Schools and Universities

Your School or University Annual Report and Yearbook capture the moments that will be cherished and reflected upon for years to come.

However, all too often, these Annual Reports or Yearbooks lack the right visual design to convey the right emotion. At Font & Swatch, we approach school Year Books from a design perspective, capturing the emotion and vibrancy of learning. Font and Swatch Year Book designs are not hidden away or placed in a box for future reflection – our educational yearbooks are designed to be proudly displayed, ready to be shared with friends and family.


University and School Prospectus Design services

Your Educational Institute Prospectus is an important tool in your Marketing.

Creating a mediocre or unprofessional Prospectus document can severely inhibit your school’s ability to attract the right student. 

Like our Annual Reports and Yearbook design services, Font and Swatch create premium Prospectus Look Books for Schools and Universities, tailored to capture the attention of your audience in the most effective way.


Design and branding services for the educational industry

• Are you tired of seeing the same school uniform designs that look like they’re from the 70's?
• Is your sports uniform looking second best?
• Are your sponsors concerned that your school teamwear doesn’t align with their brand positioning?

Your school uniforms should be iconic in how they present your educational institution, both on and off the field.

At Font and Swatch, our team of fashion designers, branding creatives and industrial designers are experts in designing school uniforms, branded sports teamwear, fan gear and Supporter wear, Merchandise and Product design for Schools and Universities. Our education marketing services include ensuring brands are properly presented, materials and fabrics are correctly colour matched and uniforms are fitted well.


Digital Design for educational institutions

Digital media is growing in influence in the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Sector.

Your commercial partners and students are digitally savvy customers who undertake their own due diligence by observing your social media and website content to cross-reference your institution’s credibility. So, if you’re keen to improve your digital footprint and use digital media as an effective way to attract more students and promote your institution, Font and Swatch can support your digital marketing needs.

Whether that is redesigning your education website to maximise engagement, preparing EDM emails to send to your student database or supporting your in-house creative team to develop social media content and bespoke social ad campaigns.


Font and Swatch are experts in website design services for schools

Your website is the centre of your brand communication strategy for your educational institute. It is the first place a prospective student experiences your educational brand and is the most important tool to inform them about your education institution, courses and programs, community engagement, success stories and value proposition.

Through a well-planned out approach, Font and Swatch builds bespoke school and tertiary institute websites that optimise a student’s experience through optimal User Interface website design to compel your audience to engage with you. Our goal is to help you implement an omnichannel marketing strategy, ensuring you can track user traffic across the site and feed this into your customer database.


Outsourced creative designing services

Are you trying to do everything inhouse?

Are you finding it difficult to deliver the right content across all your Brand and Media channels?

Font and Swatch offers a better way to manage your educational institution’s creative marketing. We’re a cost-effective option, with a team who are proficient in Visual Communication, Product Design, Digital Design, managing your website and possess a deep branding experience to protect and enhance your educational brand.

Are you tired of constantly having to recruit new Creative Talent because your last designer “wanted a new challenge”? Is this constant swap leading to inconsistencies?

At Font and Swatch, we’re here to solve all of these challenges. We have tailored plans to support the Education Sector with unique creative design specifications, all of which remove or reduce the challenges of managing an in-house creative team.

By partnering with the education industry design experts at Font and Swatch, you will benefit from our deep industry experience and understanding of the tone and direction of your brand. Most importantly, we are so confident of our service, that we guarantee it will provide you with a more cost-efficient service than employing another full time creative with the same skills and experience.


Education Sector Branding Service 

Whether you need to develop your Brand Strategy, undertake a Brand Refresh, Logo Update or require a detailed suite of Brand Guidelines or a Quick Reference Guide, our team of RTO branding experts at Font and Swatch can support you in all aspects of your branding journey.


How to refresh a School, University or Training Organisation Brand

Refreshing an education brand requires a detailed understanding of the history, values, culture and social interaction of past and present students and academic staff.

At Font and Swatch, we acknowledge the interplay of internal and external stakeholders to create a brand that embodies the essence of your culture, values, leadership and history into one that demands attention and sets you apart as a leader in your market.

In a competitive and crowded education sector, the true market leaders differentiate themselves by building their school or registered training organisation on the shoulders of a strong and trusted brand.




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