Event Branding Agency

Memorable events don’t just happen, they are created!

Are you looking to hold a memorable event? The event that attendees are still talking about months and years later?

Your premium event is created by the coming together of vastly experienced design, production and event management artists to produce a lasting event experience. At Font & Swatch, we are branding experts in providing event graphic design services for Events.


Font & Swatch is a specialist eventing agency. 

We work closely with the event organiser or your event manager to create a suite of branded design materials that come together to create a visually spectacular event for your audience. Whether you are an Event Manager, a Corporate Executive tasked with event organisation or Event Agency, Font & Swatch can partner with you to create your Premium Event experience.

Font and Swatch work across a whole range of projects within the Conference and Event sector. We have significant experience working to deliver events for Luxury Brands, VIP Occasions, Corporate Conferences, Concerts, Awards Nights, National & International Sports and Product Launches.

As your event design studio, Font and Swatch design and produce Event collateral for all aspects of your event. Our services can be distilled into Branding, Visual Communication, Digital Design & Product.


Event Branding

Whether you are bidding for a World Cup, organising an International Convention or refreshing an Annual Conference, the team at Font and Swatch are your event partners, ready to create an inspirational brand for your iconic event. Our branding experts have deep experience working on industry events and are ready to create a unique brand that conveys the emotion and values associated with your event.



Event Visual Communication

Event Visual Communication covers all aspects of the physical event, from bespoke and personalised invitations, to unique installations, signage and wayfinders. Your event needs to have that wow factor that will entertain and engage your audience. This means your event is instantly recognisable for its imagery, designs, colours and fonts yet consistent in its emotional connection and brand delivery. 

Font and Swatch design and produce every aspect of visual event collateral, including:

• Stadium, Venue and Room Dressing
• Personalised Invitations & Award Announcement Envelops
• Bespoke Installations
• Sponsor Advertising
• Wayfinders & Signage
• Accreditation & Ticketing Design including VIP & Press Accreditation
• Bespoke Guest Gifts and Presentations
• Banners and Red-carpet Media Walls
• Programs, Presentations & Presenter Notes
• Event Flyers


Event Story Telling

A key contributor to the success of any event is the Story Telling that occurs before, during and after an event. At Font and Swatch, we support our clients tell a great branded story through expert Copywriting, Photography, Videography and Animation. This increases the appeal of your event, sets the scene and delivers a rewarding experience for all attendees, sponsors and participants. We work with Clients and Event Agencies to plan and script out the Event storyline & key messages, capture the emotion of the event and document the experience for use on Social Media and Digital Marketing. Font & Swatch’s seamless event storytelling service ensures that you are able to maximise the commercial success and return on investment for your Event Sponsors.



Digital Design

Digital media is the backbone that determines the commercial success of every event. Event sponsors and your target audience want to be enchanted by your event teasers and enthralled by its promise. Whether it is through Event Story Telling or the creation of Event social media and digital marketing assets, the event design experts at Font and Swatch will execute your creative requirements on brand and to your event timelines. Font and Swatch partner with our clients to maximise the commercial success of their event by creating an aspirational digital event experience pre, during and post your event delivery. Font & Swatch’s digital event services include the design of event websites and event landing pages, digital invitations & EDM preparations to send to invitees and promotional databases. We also support your in-house creative event team to develop pre and post-event social media tiles and bespoke social ad campaigns or community sharing content.


Event Products

Events, both large and small, require event merchandise and promo marketing gifts to leave lasting memories of the event and create an emotional connection on behalf of event sponsors. At Font and Swatch, we have been designing and producing event promo products and branded merchandise for over 10 years, having worked with globally recognised luxury brands, commercial partners and sports governing bodies. We design all aspects of fan gear, novelty items, luxury gifts and promotional products. Our design team ensure that every event product and merchandise item is aligned with the brand and event messaging, and conveys the right event message to further amplify your brand.




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