Font and Swatch Branding Services

Font and Swatch is a leading Sydney branding agency and graphic design studio. Our team specialise in the creation of brands that are aligned with business values, are instantly recognisable, engage audiences and differentiate your business.

A brand is more than just a logo. Our goal is to utilise brand strategy to maximise both the real and perceived value your customers associate with your branding to grow your business.

At Font and Swatch, we provide a number of Branding Services:

• Brand Strategy

• Brand Creation

• Brand Collateral



 The first step to creating a truly unique and unifying brand is to determine your brand strategy. 


Work with Experts in Brand Strategy

At Font and Swatch, we work together with you to develop your marketing brand strategy.

Through customer, stakeholder and supplier research, we determine your brand’s identity and positioning within your market. Next, we draw deeply from your company values, your corporate vision, mission and goals.

This helps uncover the very essence of your brand, forming a clear pathway to develop your visual identity, graphic execution and tone of voice. It’s during this phase that we get to the core of what shapes your brand and how we position it to engage your customers over time.


Your Brand Strategy Evolves over Time

Your Brand Strategy is not set in stone – the business world changes quickly and that means your branding should be agile.

Just like any Strategic Plan, the market evolves, perceptions shift and our customers grow. A Brand Strategy must be revisited as your business grows and as your brand evolves to ensure your customers remain connected and engaged.


How we implement your Brand Strategy

Once Font & Swatch have worked with you to create your Brand Strategy, we commence the implementation phase. This includes identifying each of your key stakeholder avatars including their behaviours, demographics, influences and economic bandwidth. We also when we map your existing and ideal customer journey from first engagement with your brand to initial purchase, follow-up and repeat purchase.


A Brand Strategy for real humans

All of our brand strategies are rooted in human emotions. We understand your customers, but we also understand that your whole business must be involved in communicating your message with your audience. 

At each step of your brand strategy development process, we ensure that we map and track the stakeholder reaction, emotional engagement and reaction to your brand. 


Contact us at Font & Swatch - Sydney’s leading Brand Strategy Agency.




Your Brand Identity is the visualisation of Brand Strategy.

It involves the creation of the fundamental building blocks of your brand that form the glue between your product or service and your customers. A Brand Identity incorporates the research and learnings gathered during the development of your Brand Strategy and is the emotional and visual expression of that Strategy. 

Font and Swatch are experienced Brand Identity Designers based in Sydney. Through our brand creation services, our team are meticulous in the design of Brands that capture the subtlety of connecting your customers in a way that is desirable, engaging, consistent and builds trust. 

Most importantly, at Font & Swatch, we don’t get lost in the whimsical flair of branding. 

Your brand must be commercially successful, resonate with your customer base and cut through the competition.  


Sydney Brand Identity Agency

At Font & Swatch, we provide Brand Identity Services tailored to your specific requirements and marketing project scope.

It’s the unique combination of your visual appeal, media messaging, corporate values and actions that determine how your brand is perceived by your stakeholders. This is how we help you build a successful brand.

Font & Swatch is a full service, single source agency for all of your Brand Identity needs – whether you require Brand and Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Printed Collateral, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Branded Packaging, or even Branded Merchandise and Apparel Design. 


Our branding agency services include:


Business Names, Brand Names and Taglines

Coming up with a name or refreshing an old one can be really challenging when it comes to a new business, product or service. 

Your brand name can be the difference between being classed as “same-same” or a popular standout. Strong branding and the right business name can immediately associate your business with a product or service and can spark a memory, invoke emotion and ensure people remember you. 

If you are stuck for a business name or brand tagline, the experienced team at Font and Swatch can help you achieve the cut-through you need to reach your audience and drive successful results.


Brand Visualisation

Font & Swatch’s team of creative branding experts transform your Brand Strategy into a graphic visualisation of your brand that can be applied across all your corporate and marketing collateral.

We work together with you to establish a strong and authentic brand. 

During the Brand Visualisation phase, we develop your brand’s colour palette, fonts and imagery to establish the look and feel and the very essence that will inform the creation of your both your logo and tone.


Font & Swatch is a Rebranding Specialist Agency

Your business never stands still - so why should your brand?

Successful businesses evolve and respond to the actions and needs of their customers. Likewise, it is important that your brand remains relevant as your business grows. 

At Font & Swatch, we have been assisting clients with rebranding services for years, helping them transform, build their identity and remain at the forefront of their industries.

The beauty of refreshing your brand is that you are presented with a valuable opportunity to take everything that is great about your existing brand and incorporate it into a fresh, new design. It is also an opportunity for your business to reposition and reinvent yourselves strategically, signalling a new direction, business investment and the opening up of new markets.

It is normal to be nervous about a rebrand. However, a rebrand offers a rare opportunity to re-energise your business, employees and customers with not only new designs, but also a ready-made communication platform to reconnect with all stakeholders.



Logo Design

Your logo is the centrepiece of your brand. It is the first to be seen and the most recognised aspect of your brand.

At Font and Swatch, we design logos using three core components: colours, fonts and elements. We then ensure all three work seamlessly together to deliver the ideal message to your audience.

If you are seeking professional Sydney logo designers to create a logo that clearly identifies your business, sets you apart from the competition and amplifies your brand, we would be delighted to assist you.


Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is how the character of your brand comes through in your words, both written and spoken. It’s not about what you say, but rather the way you say it, and the impression it makes on everyone who reads or hears your messages.

Tone of voice branding includes all the communication you use in your business, from the colours, fonts & language, shades, imagery and personality. All the content you produce should be communicated in the same tone of voice – this is because, when your tone is consistent, your audience recognises your brand and is able to identify with the brand values it is communicating. 

Having a clearly defined tone of voice deeply roots a customer’s perception of your brand and are therefore significantly more likely to prefer your brand over your competitors.


Brand Guidelines and Style Guides

Using your brand without a Brand Guideline is like trying to build IKEA furniture without a manual.

Your Brand Guideline is the instruction manual on how to apply your brand, logo and tone across your business. This is absolutely crucial, as if you don’t show your brand in a consistent way, your audience will be confused by all of your marketing and your brand won’t be memorable.

If your Creative Partner doesn’t supply brand guidelines, you have wasted a lot of time and funds on developing a new brand.

At Font and Swatch, we prepare detailed Brand Guidelines and Style Guides.

These documents give you the branding toolkit to consistently apply your new brand to ensure your employees, partners and suppliers correctly and consistently present your brand across all media and communications. 

Our typical Brand Guidelines include statements on your brand values, the key components of your brand (colour, fonts and elements) and how to combine them across different applications, sizing, spacing, applicable tag lines, imagery, logo positioning, corporate collateral and examples of basic templates such as social media, digital and print media. 



Rolling out your new brand onto your corporate and marketing collateral is the key step that brings your brand to life for employees, customers and partners alike. 

Using your Brand Guidelines, we apply your new brand to all of your corporate templates including website, social media tiles, business cards, letterheads, Word & PowerPoint documents, slide presentations, invoices, delivery notes, brochures, flyers, product brochures, look books, corporate signage, banners, and even promotional material such as pens and stationery. 

Wherever your brand appears, Font & Swatch have the Creative Experts to provide a collateral design and template to apply your new brand.

For corporates wanting to bring their new brand into the office, the team Font & Swatch also create renders and designs to brand existing offices, company locations, signage and vehicles.

Whether you require all or some of these collateral designs, each will combine to create a consistent look and feel across your business, physically delivering your new and unique brand identity across your entire operation.





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