Product Design Agency

Font & Swatch are Consumer Product Branding experts.
Branding for individual customers differs from that of B2B clients. With so much competition for consumers attention, a consumer brand must make a big impression that captures attention.

At Font and Swatch, we have been designing product and packaging for consumer brands for over ten years and are experts at creating an emotional connection between the brand and its target audience.

Our team has worked in both national and international retail and product licensing businesses, so we understand all aspects of creating a successful consumer product. Our consumer branding services include Branding, Packaging, Merchandise and Apparel design.


Packaging Design

Font and Swatch is a Sydney Packaging Design Agency.

Is your packaging design letting you down?

Are your products being left on the shelves whilst your competitor brands are walking out the door?

The competition for consumer attention in-store and online is intense. You are constantly compared and contrasted with competing products and alternatives.

At Font and Swatch, we are specialists in the use of package design colours and fonts. Regardless of the product, great packaging design is dependent on the expert use of colours and fonts to capture the moment with the consumer and draw their attention – you should be able to feel it, taste it and smell it before you have even held it in your hand. If your packaging is not telling your brand story immediately, conveying your product value, setting you apart from the competition and creating that emotional connection between customer and product, then it’s time to work with a packaging design agency.

Whether you are designing for food, FMCG, electrical or beverage, Font & Swatch can help your packaging and branding stand out.



Apparel Design

Font and Swatch specialise in sports apparel design.

Are you struggling with the design of your sports apparel?

Does your high-performance teamwear look a little average compared to the other teams?

At Font and Swatch, we are specialists in the design and production of high-performance sports apparel, team wear and supporter wear for National Teams, Professional Sports Clubs, local sports teams and Schools. We have worked across all the major Australian sporting codes and for each of the major national sporting governing bodies to create high-performance teamwear and supporter wear.

We are able to work closely with your existing manufacturer and sponsors to deliver your optimum apparel design, or we can design and manufacture to your bespoke requirements. We all know that at the elite level, sports success is highly linked to player confidence. That is why it is key to ensure your team is looks and feels like the most invested and strongest team in the competition.

By using Font and Swatch Sport as your experienced sports apparel designers, your team can gain a boost in confidence by playing in style.


Corporate Apparel Designers Sydney

Whether you are a service business or retail business, you understand how important first impressions are with your customers.

You will also understand that your employees are key to the success of your business.
A well designed and sourced staff uniform can reflect the strengths and quality of your brand, especially as branded gear allows them to be a walking billboard!

At Font and Swatch, our head of Apparel Creative is a fashion designer. Our team also understands the benefits of using different fabrics and the entire manufacturing process and as we are not aligned to any one manufacturer. We also ensure that you receive a high-quality garment at a market price.

Contact Font and Swatch for your staff uniform, workwear and corporate essentials, even down to the design and production of your tech start-up team t-shirt.


Merchandise Design

Most businesses recognise the value of branded merchandise as part of a sales promotion, advertising project, premium corporate gifts, customer give away or event.

At Font and Swatch, we assist clients to design and source promotional products and merchandise that are on brand, cost-effective and relevant to your project.

If you would like to provide engaging merchandise that sets your business apart from the more common merchandise or promotional products that are seen everywhere, speak to the creative design team at Font and Swatch. We can design and source merchandise and promotional products that make a bold brand statement.






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