Visual Communications Agency

Font & Swatch is a Sydney Creative Design Agency specialising in Visual Communications. 

Companies work with Font and Swatch to execute successful visual communication campaigns, achieve marketing project success and successfully grow their business.

We assist companies to distil their advertising and marketing messages and develop creative campaigns that engage and connect with audiences via remarkable, imaginative and engaging visual communication.


Your Visual Communication Audience

To design an effective advertising marketing campaign, you must first identify the target audience you are trying to reach.

So often, companies waste money on inconsistent and reactionary campaigns that generate poor results. To be effective, you need to be clear on what your message is, who you are targeting, what problems you are trying to solve and which customers you are solving them for.

At Font & Swatch, we work with you to clearly identify your target groups, as well as their relevant characteristics and behaviours. Each audience reacts to advertising in different ways, which is why we present your brand in a way that is exciting and alluring.

Your team at Font & Swatch offer you our experience using brands to reach both B2B and B2C audiences.  We also understand the subtleties required to develop an engaging brand that nurtures long-term relationships. 

For Visual Communication services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


Communication Media

Don’t waste money on ineffective marketing campaigns.

It can be difficult deciding which media channel to use for your marketing and advertising campaigns. Choosing the right media is fundamental to getting your audience engaged in your marketing message.

By working with Font and Swatch, we will ensure your marketing campaigns have a sharp focus and are optimised for both the target audience and media channel. 

At Font and Swatch, our creative marketing experts work with you to review your customer journey maps to determine the optimum media to display your visual communications. This includes social media, Google advertising, print media or even outdoor advertising. 

Having expertise across both print and digital creative design ensures that with Font & Swatch, you have a Sydney creative design agency that can execute your entire campaign requirements.

For communication media services, speak to Font and Swatch today.



Brand Management and Art Direction

As a Branding Design Agency, Font and Swatch bring a unique perspective to the delivery of your Visual Communication messaging. 

As a boutique creative agency, our clients choose Font & Swatch for our personalised service and broad experience to provide Art Direction and Brand Governance services for their advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Whether you require assistance to develop or refine a marketing campaign, ensure brand governance or to design the visual content, Font and Swatch are your local Design Agency here to support your Visual Communication Campaigns.

For Brand Management and Art Direction services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


Print Media Design Agency Sydney

Print Media definitely has its place in today’s digital world, and can produce significant results if designed and executed well.

A considerable amount of attention is directed toward digital media when it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns. However, this has meant that many marketing agencies have failed to retain the precise skills required to execute engaging and authentic print advertising.

At Font and Swatch, our print services are still a major component of our client offering. This includes matching brand colour palettes to their print equivalent, advising on font application, print stocks and print finishes.

Our senior Creative Designers have vast experience working with print media and are skilled at executing creative design for printed brochures, marketing collateral, tenders, proposals, banners, media walls,  outdoor advertising, marketing flyers and letter drops.

For Print Media services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


Media Messaging and Copywriting

Words are an important part of engaging your audiences as they work together with your visuals to communicate your brand message.

Your customers look for value before they pay attention, acknowledge and take action. This is why brands must produce versatile content that engages, interests and excites them. However, it’s all about creating quality content, not quantity if you want to earn results.

Font and Swatch provide expert copywriting services to Create and convey your marketing messages which drive engagement with your audience. Once they are interested and they connect with your brand, your business can form a profitable, long term relationship that nurtures them into advocates.

For Media Messaging and copywriting services, speak to Font and Swatch today.



Imagery Library & Animation

Font & Swatch is your creative design agency for videography, photography and animation services. 

Most visual communication requires captivating imagery to convey your marketing message and engage your viewer. At Font and Swatch, we assist our clients to identify, brief and execute your image library that aligns with your visual communication, marketing campaign or advertising project. 

Whether you require still photography of your product or services, sourcing talent or creating the inspiration and executing the digital animation, our team is here to help.

For Imagery and Animation services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


Pitch, Proposal and Tender Creative Design Sydney

Do you want an unfair advantage with your next tender or proposal submission?

Do you need to make an impact with your audience to win that next job? 

Whether it’s for a large tender submission, project proposal or an important presentation, Font and Swatch’s creative design experts can assist you to deliver a proposal document that makes a visual impact. 

First impressions are essential to ensuring your audience is in the correct frame of mind to receive your key messages. At Font & Swatch, we are experts at creating an emotional connection with your presentation, blending your message and your brand together to convey your pitch.

This allows your audience to visualise your two businesses working together in a successful partnership by ensuring you stand out and your presentation is heard. 

While we can’t promise that you will win the tender, if past results are anything to go by, over 80% of the proposals and tenders we work on get through the presentation round.

For Pitch, Proposal and Tender services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


InfoGraphics and Digital Visualisation

Infographics and digital visualisation is an effective tool to communicate and distil large volumes of data into simple messages for your target audience to digest and interact with.

However, it’s not just about making numbers colourful.

There is an artform to developing infographics and, like most aspects of branding, it begins with considering the audience you are trying to communicate with, the message you wish to convey and action you want them to take. 

Infographics need the right balance of great content and smart design to be effective. As a local branding agency, Font & Swatch design infographics that are aligned with your Brand’s Tone of Voice while being visually engaging.

For infographic design services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


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