Font and Swatch is a full-service Digital Design and Website Development Agency based in Sydney.

We create compelling graphics, branding elements and designs that drive customer engagement, establish a tone and leave a lasting impression.

Sydney Digital Design Agency that Engages your Audience

The power and reach of digital communication today is undeniable.

This gives great brands the chance to shine, and form close and intimate relationships with customers to convert them into loyal advocates.

The experienced team at Font & Swatch have been working in digital marketing and print design for over 30 years and are uniquely positioned to assist you with all your digital design needs.

Our collaborative design process is about combining passion with business prosperity, creativity with commerce to achieve the best results for you.

But we don’t just design your digital brand or marketing project - we keep a close eye on how your brand will appear in print and traditional media channels. If you require exceptional digital design services, the creative team at Font & Swatch can support you with digital branding, digital animation, website design, online advertising, social media, email design and creative branding solutions.


Digital Branding Agency

With digital media forming an ever-growing proportion of your business profile, many businesses focus wholly on digital appearance when designing a new brand.

However, just because it’s digital, doesn’t mean it’s good.

Digital media can be extremely powerful and provides timely feedback to increase engagement and improve results – if executed correctly.

At Font & Swatch, our design experience has taught us to never forget the impact a poorly executed digital branding refresh can have on an existing business, particularly when vivid colours or fonts are chosen for their on-screen appearance and then cannot be recreated in traditional media such as business cards, signage and on vehicles.

It is for this reason that Font & Swatch work with a holistic approach in mind.

We take all aspects of your brands’ appearance, regardless of the media channel and application, to harness the maximum return on investment from your chosen media.

If you would like a digital branding agency that doesn’t leave you second-guessing its effectiveness in the real world, talk to the branding and design experts at Font & Swatch about how we can help you grow your business.



Digital Animation Agency Sydney

Brands are increasingly turning to digital animation as a cost-effective medium to deliver complex messages in a simple, clear and compelling format.

Whether you require a short GIF or MP4 animation, Font & Swatch’s animation designers can assist you to script your messaging and identify the best animation and illustration technique to fit your audience, budget and message.

For digital animation services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


Website Design & Website Development Services

Your website is the core of your brand communication strategy and digital marketing.

It is normally the first-place prospective customers experience your brand and is certainly the most important tool to inform visitors of your brand’s values, products, services and value proposition. This means you want it to make a strong impression and provide a good customer experience.

To do this, you require website design and website development services to create a website that delivers value and communicates in a way that is aligned with your brand while being functional and easy to navigate.

There is a distinct difference between website design and website development services. Too often, businesses seek out a website developer, only to find that their new website is functional but lacks emotional engagement and brand attachment than one designed by branding professionals.

What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer?

It’s like asking the difference between an architect and a builder.

Your web developer is the builder of the website. Your web designer is the branding and visual architect.

As your brand architect and builder, Font & Swatch will create your website to provide the smoothest and most engaging user experience for your audience. We are able to design and build for all major website and application platforms and content, making your website look appealing and brand compliant.

At Font and Swatch, we custom design websites that are responsive across all devices and can be managed by the client once they are set up. By using Font & Swatch as your Website designer and developer, you ensure that your brand’s tone of voice is extended to your most important customer engagement asset – your website.

For website design and website development services, speak to Font and Swatch today.



Email Marketing and EDM Design

Email marketing is still an effective tool to communicate with leads and nurture customers.

With so much competition for your customer’s attention, the use of Email Marketing and EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail campaigns) have become a core part of any marketing strategy to stay connected and front of mind.

Font and Swatch design EDMs that are simple, clear and concise, with a strong call to action for your customers.

The focus is placed on capturing their attention immediately through engaging email design and animation that connects your message to your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your reader. Of course, you need to track your customer engagement - which is why we use all the major campaign platforms, such as Mail Chimp, to measure open rates, clicks, and link engagement.

For email marketing services and EDM design solutions, speak to Font and Swatch today.


Digital and Social Media Advertising

Are you really struggling with your Digital and Social Media Advertising?

Do you know what to post online and when?

Do you feel like everybody else has thousands of followers on social media and successfully using Google Ads, while you’re struggling to engage your audience to like your posts?

At Font and Swatch, too often we see clients without a Digital and Social Media marketing plan.

Just like any other part of your business, if you don’t have a clear digital plan, with well-articulated goals, a targeted audience and an understanding of how to measure your success, it is not surprising that you are not achieving digital and social media success. Further, many businesses don’t understand that it takes digital and social media advertising time to build a brand profile and a loyal audience following. You need to invest in it over the longer term - the earlier you start, the earlier you will get results.

The other aspect that many businesses find challenging is that digital and social media audiences are content hungry. When we say hungry, it means being a constant drain on a company’s time and resources to design, curate and deliver engaging content on a regular basis.

It is for these reasons that many businesses turn to Font and Swatch to design their digital and social media advertising content. Our social media design experts work with you to deliver digital advertising that is relevant and provides a strong return on investment.

For social media advertising services, speak to Font and Swatch today.


Your Digital and Social Media Advertising Agency Sydney

Make your brand stand out online.

Whether it is for a specific marketing campaign or as part of your digital marketing strategic plan, you must ensure that your company’s brand, tone of voice and aesthetic appearance is delivered consistently and clearly.

At Font and Swatch, we have skilled designers who are experts at creating digital and social media advertising that is on brand, visually engaging and conveys the right message to ensure your customers stay connected and respond to your call to action.





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